Monday, March 30, 2009

dinosaur painting

ok, so I haven't done any painting in the past several months but I'm starting to feel better and I'm getting the painting bug back. My cousin asked me if I could do a dinosaur painting for her baby son's room which sounded like a fun project to get me back into my old self. The only difference is I decided to use acrylic paint instead of oils. I love oils more than anything but the smell is just too much for me right now. Plus they take so long to dry and since this painting is going in a baby's room, he doesn't need to be smelling oils and turpentine either. So anywho, here is the painting... raaar! I also painted the edges so this painting can be hung unframed.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

a plea to my friends

OK, so this has nothing to do with art except that if you want to live to enjoy art you might want to listen. I am sitting at work right now with this one tester testing, an older lady, and she is coughing like she might cough up a lung. I wish I could help her but I don't think this is a 'I have a cold cough'. This is a 'I've been smoking for years cough'. This cough is bad. I just told her about the water fountain in the hall. Now, this story reminds me of another story that got me thinking. While on the cruise a couple of weeks ago mine and leroy's room was right next to an older gentleman who had this same sounding cough. All night he would cough, terrible unearthly sounds. Once again, his was a smoker's cough. What worries me the most is the people I love who smoke. I know it's pratically impossible to quit. If I hadn't gone into a coma so many years ago I would still be smoking I'm sure. It took a miracle of God to get me to quit and I thank him for doing so. My life is so much better without the dependency on cigarettes. I have the freedom to go and do as I please without worrying about having one. I save enormous amounts of money on not buying them. I smell better. My house smells better, my clothes smell better, my hair smells better. Ofcourse this is just my opinion. You may like the smell of cigarette smoke. I will admit it took me a while to get to the point where I could smell it and not want one. But now the smell repulses me. The point is I love and care about my friends and wish I knew how to help you stop. I know you enjoy it, heck you're addicted to it. Cigarettes are addictive. And lots of things hurt us, I constantly eat bad food and tons of sugar. I suppose I just wish a miracle of God could make you all stop. Save your lungs. I don't want my friends to be coughing like death or worse yet walking around with an oxygen tank when you're older. Plus it's bad for the rest of us. Second hand smoke, cigarette butts on the ground everywhere, etc. etc... I could add in a bunch of statistics and pictures to prove my point but that's not really the point. The point is I love you all and want you to live long healthy happy lives. ugh...the lady is still coughing. the water only subdued her for a little while. think about it.