Friday, August 17, 2012



okay, so being a stay at home mom is great. Once you get past the insanity of being with a toddler and a newborn all day it's really wonderful. Now, there are the bills. So many bills and one less income equal enormous amounts of stress. So I have been listing things on ebay like crazy and just when we make a sell and I think yay things are looking up, something happens and we are pulled back down. down, down down the spiraling debt hole, where there is no end, and there is no light. I'm particularly upset about this tonight because today I made a mommy boo boo and I paid our electric bill twice. Apparently earlier this month when I called to pay it they told me the billing department was closed on weekends and to call back monday.Yeah, because I'm so good at remembering things when I have a toddler and a baby and a husband (ladies you know what I mean). So here it is weeks later and I realize not only did I forget to pay it but I miracously find the letter telling me they will shut off our electricity on tuesday if the bill is not paid on monday. So in a panic I scheledule for my bank to pay the bill only it can'tgo through until monday. shouldn't be a problem but I'm still worried. So today I call the electric company and pay over the phone (they charged an extra five dollar pay over the phone fee added to the already late fee). but it's paid, whew, so then I go to my bank and try to cancel the payment I had scheleduled for them to make. too late. it's already in progress and can't be stopped. they tell me to call the electric company. so I do and they tell me there isnothing they can do besides credit it to my account, which means next month for once my payment will not be late. but where does that leave me now? That's over $400 gone out of what very little money we have. Now more bills won't get paid. aaaahhhhh!!!! I know that somehow we will make it. (we have very loving parents) but it just sucks for lack of a better word. so if you follow me on twitter and you are getting sick of all my attempts of trying to sell you things just bear with me. I've got diapers and formula and bills to worry about.

okay, just needed to rant. I know God will provide. He always does.