Wednesday, December 3, 2008

little pillow buddy heads.

here is what I've been working on here lately. I'm planning on trying to sell these at our town's Christmas in the streets this Saturday.
abdomible snowman (sp?) these are my favorite

Aspire Studios

So there is a new place in town for artist to show their stuff. Whether it be painting, dancing, tattooing, writing, etc. It's called Aspire Studios and my sister is friends with the owners, so I got the privilege of hanging some paintings and drawings there. For the opening night (which was on Halloween) they had a Rock Masquerade Ball and my sister took some picts of my art. I didn't go to the opening b/c I'm a homebody who's partying days are over. :) so here are the picts my sister took...


Ok so it's time to put up the Christmas wreath and I thought I would post some picts of my fall and spring/summer wreaths as well. since I posted so many of the halloween wreath. so here they all are...spring and summer wreath
fall wreath

Christmas wreath