Sunday, September 2, 2012

Vinyl chalk decals!!!

Many, many months ago, maybe even last summer, I bought this spice rack at a friend's yardsale. It was brown and had all these cool glass spice bottles inside. It was very dusty and some of the bottles were stained, but I just knew I could make it the spice rack of my dreams. So, finally, many many months, maybe a year later, I painted it and found these awesome vinyl chalk labels to put on the bottles. It took a while but I filled the bottles with dried spices from my garden. Here is the result.

You can find these awesome decals at .
They are an awesome shop on etsy with tons of decals to choose from and if you purchase their chalk marker I can tell you it works wonderfully. I highly recommend going there. Another great shop to buy larger decals from is . I got this fridge decal from them
I ordered the larger chalk markers off of ebay. Whew, baby is awake so that's all I can post now, at least I got that much done...!

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