Thursday, January 8, 2015

Art major for hire.

When my mom and dad were growing up they did what they were supposed to. They got a job nomatter what it was. It didn't matter if they liked it, it was just what they had to do. Thats what the older generations did. They worked. Even if and when that job made them miserable.

I am living in a generation that has been told, do what you love. Do what makes you happy.  Follow your dreams. And with todays technology that has become more possible than ever. So why am I 36 and still waiting for my dream to come true?

You see, I was an art major. I knew before I even started college that I was going to be an art major, because thats what I  love. That is my passion. That is what makes me feel complete,  happiest, fulfilled.

My parents
both think that was a waste of time, mostly because after getting my BA I still can't find a decent job in art, or any job in art.

So where is my dream?

I opened up an etsy shop but it doesn't compare to getting a salary. The only time I ever get to do art is under the shroud of night when everyone is asleep. So what am I doing?

I need a plan.

Help please.

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Paul Clark said...

I just ordered one of your paintings from etsy. I think you have great talent. I hope you work more on art and stop worrying about money career evils. You have a great style. Thanks for making images!